About Us

To create a Ch’an Buddhist temple with simple and tranquil spiritual sittings for modern people living in the bustling world, International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS) has transcended the traditional temple architecture and adopted a modern plain concrete architectural style. Though the dynamic movements of light and water, impermanence is teaching the subtle and profound Dharma of Dependent Origination through the natural passing of time. IBS is guiding everyone the way home to their pure original mind. Based on the understanding of Madhyamika (middle path), we strives to promote and teach that cultivation is living and cultivation is not apart from living. Furthermore, by assisting Buddhists to develop a right understanding of the Dharma and learn to contemplate the truth of nonduality in daily living, they will be able practice all good deeds with nonattachment and realize the Bodhisattva ideal of wisdom and compassion.

Our mother temple is based in Taiwan and has established this San Diego branch temple in the USA. We are a non-profit organization formally filed and incorporated in California. It has been recognized as a nonprofit religious organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code with a tax-exempt status.

Since we are a relatively new nonprofit religious organization, our religious service programs are gradually growing. As of now, officers from our organization have done a lot of volunteer chaplain work at Calipatria State Prison, Pleasant Valley State Prison, and Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in California teaching Buddhism and meditation to over 500 inmates. Furthermore, IBS also regularly conducts teachings on Dharma, meditation, yoga and holds chanting services in San Diego community.


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